About Us

Dr. Kress attended college in Syracuse, NY., then the University of Kentucky, earning a double B.A. in Mathematics and English. He attended graduate school at the University of Hawaii, working towards a M.A. in English, as well as completing the requisite chiropractic pre-medical studies for Palmer Chiropractic University. While at Palmer, he was awarded the Frutiger scholarship and Certificate of Proficiency in Chiropractic X-ray. He then completed a one hundred hour additional course of graduate x-ray study in the special field of Spinal and Skeletal Disorders,  going on to earn his doctorate degree in just three years — in the four year program.

Dr. Kress was awarded a “Real Heroes” Good Samaritan Award from the American Red Cross in 2007.

He and his wife, Danielle, have been married for over thirty years and both have been involved with World Vision, an out-reach ministry, for just as long. Both volunteer their time serving the homeless and various other ministries. They actively support The Smile Train, the Mission House Ministries, the Paralyzed Veterans of America, VFW, Physicians Without Borders, The Bradford and The Gentry House Adult Day Care center that offers Dementia related programs, and several local youth sports programs.