Dear Dr. Kress,
“Since the mid-1960’s I have received treatment from various chiropractors, osteopaths, and medical doctors, for continuing spinal ailments.

However, it was not until I began receiving spinal adjustments from you, Dr. Kress, that I realized there is at least one caring, thorough professional who spends adequate time with his patients and does everything within his scope of his considerable abilities to alleviate one’s pain-taking into consideration the status of one’s total health., rather than a”canned” adjustment approach.

Dr. Kress, this community is very fortunate to have you in our midst, and I personally feel very fortunate to be receiving treatments from you.  The many comments I have heard from your other patients, attest to the fact that you indeed are one in a million who has helped so many in the time you have been here.

A great big thank you from a patient who still has spinal ailments, but who feels those ailments are lessening because of your treatments and can finally believe that something positive is being done to return long-term good health after all these years.

Nadine Frazier-Westphall”

Dear Dr. Kress,

“I thank you for your friendly and professional assistance.  I have healed and am back to exercise without pain. I enjoyed meeting you and visiting with you even in my discomfort. Thanks also for the professional consideration.~B ( a neurologist)”

“Dr. Kress I want to thank you so much for getting me in right aways for treatment. Your treatment relieved the dizziness and headaches within a few hours.  I appreciate your concern and helpfulness.  Thank you again so much.~K”

“Just a note to let you know how much I really do appreciate all that you have done fro me.  But how do you thank someone who has helped you to feel better than you have in twelve years??? That is what you have done for me.  I hope someday I can do something so spectacular for your life.  And to think, just three short months ago, I could hardly walk straight and I did not even believe in your medicine. Thank you and GOD’s Bless. ~D&E”

Dr. Tim and Danielle,
“No words can express my appreciation for the both of you. Dr. Tim, I am so thankful to you  for keeping me walking straight, for your kind heart in caring so much, and for your time in my case, God Bless you! I am very lucky to have both of you in my life, may God richly bless you both. With all my love and appreciation.~TS”

Dr. Kress and Danielle,
“I cannot express in words how much I appreciate ALL that you have done for me. No matter what I write down it does not express how much I love and appreciate everything about you two.~J.Lee”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
“One can never be too grateful!! I just wanted to say thanks! I have been feeling great. Thank you.”
“My Back feel great. Thank you!”
“Thank you for your good care. I’ve noticed true improvement! Thanks again.”
“Thank you for always taking the time to see one more patient. I am doing great!”
“Thank you so much for taking such good care of me.
“Many thanks for your kindness and support. L enjoyed and appreciated all that you did to provide relief from his pains. In friendship.”
“I can’t thank you enough for the time and attention your’ve given me over this back pains. My low back feels great after you adjusted my hips.”
“Thank you for your great work on my dad. He is doing well!”
“A note of thanks for the excellent treatment I received in your office. It truly se the stage for an enjoyable week-end. You have a gift to heal, a treasure that I have been blessed to encounter.”
“Thank you for all you have done to the D’s family. We greatly appreciated it.”
“Thanks so much, you are the best and you are appreciated! My neck and muscles are doing great!”